Get to know... the affiliate!

Get to know... the affiliate!

Posted on 29-10-2020 by Wouter Groenewoud

We have interviewed one of our top-performing affiliates as we think it's interesting to share his vision on the current affiliate business.

How did you get into Affiliate Marketing?

Through acquaintances who were active in the affiliate marketing sphere. I started getting an interest in the industry and thought to myself; why not try this myself? Mobile content was still very hot back then, thus that is the first vertical I tried. Back then, mobile content was still widely available in a lot of GEO’s, so it offered a lot of options for scaling.

When did you start working with Traffic Company, and how did you get in touch with this company?

I started working with Traffic Company in 2015. Through acquaintances that were already working with Traffic Company, I got in touch with them and started working with them myself.

How does a regular day looks like, for you as an affiliate?

Regular refreshing my Voluum stats, spying on what other people are doing in terms of banners or landing pages, creating campaigns, testing campaigns, managing sources, improving existing landing pages, creating new landing pages and thinking about how to improve performance.

What part do you love most about being an affiliate?

Coming up with an idea that might improve CR, CTR, or whatever metric that affects performance, setting it up, coding, designing, and then seeing if the idea actually had a positive effect. Because I am active in performance marketing, you can directly see the effect a change has on your revenue.

From your point of view, do you think Traffic Company can beat its competitors?

Depends on what they are trying to beat their competitors on. I think in terms of mobile monetization, they can be/are one of the best performing networks. Especially when you consider their in house Click to Call/Click to SMS offers that can be run globally.

What was the biggest change in the Affiliate Marketing market in the past years?

For me, it was the decline of the mobile content vertical. This vertical got more and more regulated and more difficult to promote for. It took me a while to change to a different vertical and actually getting it profitable.

What do you think the future will bring for Affiliate Marketing in the next few years?

The days where you could run pretty much any geo that had mobile content offers available and it would convert, are for the most part over. Leadgen, nutra, Click to Call or whatever vertical you run nowadays, it requires more effort than for mobile content before to gain the same revenues. Thus it has become more difficult for newcomers to attain and maintain a positive business result.

Do you have some interesting advice for your colleague affiliates in the current market?

Try to setup automatization systems as quickly as your funds allow it. Thankfully lots of trackers and ad networks have certain automatization build in their platforms already. This saves you so much time that allows you to focus on scaling and other activities.

Anything else you would like to share with us?

Run Click to Call and Click to SMS offers :-)

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