Frequently Asked Questions

In order to help Traffic Company partners in the best way possible, we have gathered the most common questions below. Traffic company is a CPA network with exclusive and in-house offers.


How long does it take to review my account?
We do our best to access your account as quickly as possible! Therefore, it usually only takes only a few hours for an account application to be reviewed.
How can I change my password?

You are able to change your password at your account settings under "Login Details" I lost my login details / How can I request my login details?

If you lost your login details you can click at "forgot your password" and your new login will be shared by email.

Where can I modify the notification settings?
At the account settings you are able to indicate which notifications you want to receive. Go to "subscriptions" to fill in your preferences.
What is an API key?
As the word already indicates, it's some sort of a key. Each account has its own unique key. With this key you are able to unlock or access several features (such as the IVR performance API).
Where can I find my API key?
You API key can be found at your account settings under "API Keys"
What to do if my account is blocked?
Accounts can be blocked when users are breaching the agreement as explained in the Terms & Conditions. Next to that, an account get's suspended once there has been non-activity for longer than 2 months. When that's the case, reach out to your Account Manager to discuss further actions.
How often do you update the statistics?
The statics are displayed in realtime.
How can I contact an Account manager?
Each account has a dedicated Account Manager, you can find your Account Manager in the top right corner of your Traffic Company dashboard.
Do you have a referral link?
Yes we do have a referral link. Go to "referrals" under account settings. Here you will be able to find your personal referral link which will give you a bonus of 5% of the revenue from each of your referrals!
How do I turn on/off the newsletter or e-mail notifications?
Go to account > subscriptions and click on the notifications you would like to receive.


How do I start promotion?
There are two ways to start promotion. 1) You use direct links from the offer wall or 2) you can use the Traffic Company smart link
What is a smart link?
A smart link is a link with tons of offers behind it. Our algorithm will decide which offer will be shown to the user based on several parameters in order to bring you the best ROI.
Where can I find the smart link?
You can find the smart link on your TC dashboard under "promotions". Here you need to select whether you want to run the mainstream or adult smart link and tick the "I have read the promotion regulations" box followed by create link.
What is the conversion optimizer?
With the conversion optimizer, traffic with incorrect targeting or traffic to a disabled offer will automatically get sent to your smart link. This ensures that your traffic won't end up dead!
How can you enable or disable the conversion optimizer?
Go to your TC dashboard, click on "promotions" followed by "Offer wall" and enable/disable the conversion optimizer at the top of the page by switching on/off the button on the right.
Is Traffic Company able to help me with prelanders?
Yes, we can help you with this. For VIP partners we even design these on request, but we don't host the prelanders. Next to that we have a big selection of free prelanders available for our in-house IVR/Click2Call campaigns.
Can I get banners from Traffic Company?
If we have banners available we are able to share those and sometimes we are able to create custom made banners as well.
How do I keep track of conversions?
In your account settings you are able to set a postback url (server 2 server tracking). We recommend to select "custom" and fill in the domain. However, if you need help with setting this up, please reach out to your Account Manager. You can also check your statistics under “reports” in your account.
Does Traffic Company only offer CPA offers?
Next to CPA offers we also offer CPL and CPI
Where can I find the IVR performance API?
This can be found under "support" once you're logged into the Traffic Company dashboard. Go to "API Feed Technical Documentation" and choose for "Click to Call Performance API". Next you can copy the example url and replace the given access-token with your personal API Key.
How long does it take for you to review an offer?
For some offers you can request approval. We do our best to access those offers as quickly as possible! Therefore, it usually takes a few hours to be reviewed.


What is the minimum amount for a withdraw?
The minimum payment threshold is $300 USD or €250 EUR (depending on currency).
What payment options are there?
We offer the following payment options: Wire, PayPal and Paxum
What is the payment frequency?
The payment frequency is monthly, however, this can be changed to biweekly and sometimes even weekly. We can only do payments automatically when you completed all your billing details.
In which currency do I get paid?
We can do payments in EUR or USD. You can set this yourself in your account details or your account manager can do this for you on request.
Where can I change my payment details?
Payment details can be adjusted in your account settings in the right corner in your Traffic Company dashboard under "account".
Why is there money "pending" beneath Account Balance?
This is all revenue from the last 5 days which is pending to allow delayed conversions to come in.


How can I contact Traffic Company?
For general enquiries you can contact
Is there an Account Manager available?
Yes, each account is connected to an Account Manager. You can contact your Account Manager through Skype. If you login at your Traffic Company account you will find your Account Manager on the top right side.
Can we meet face to face?
It is possible to meet us at our office, but we are also attending a lot of business events around the world where we can meet our publishers and advertisers personally.